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A brief history

When you take your first sip of Dolce’s late harvest wine, you experience the happy, sweet ending of an incredibly intricate story: One that combines the unique challenges of late harvest winemaking, a passion for pursuing perfection and singular expertise unparalleled in the Napa Valley region and the United States.

It’s not happenstance that Dolce is the only American winery dedicated to producing a single late harvest wine. In truth, such a pursuit is quite arduous, and as such, it is not the purview of the typical American vintner. 

It’s a good thing, then, that we don’t care to be described as typical. 

On the contrary, we’ve been operating since 1985 with the singular mission of bringing this delectable wine into perfection on American vineyards. By combining an abundance of Semillon varietal wine grapes with a healthy complement of Sauvignon Blanc, we’ve created a playful experience — a wine that flirts with your emotions like no other — that calls to mind key lime pie with its citrusy aromas, floral and creamy textures, and baking spice finish.

Dolce stands as the pinnacle of form in America, a testament to the will of the winemaker and an unspoken pact with Mother Nature. Each vintage is birthed following varietal grapes whose extended hangtime on the vine give way to botrytis cinerea, the so-called “noble rot” that cracks the grapes and allows them to grow ever sweeter. This process is unpredictable, producing yields that vary wildly in volume from year to year. 

But one taste of Dolce is enough to proclaim the endeavor worth the uncertainty. That Dolce exists is a minor miracle, and wine enthusiasts are better off for it. Dolce is an extraordinary wine bred from a combination of sunshine, soil, fog, expertise and dedication; a wondrous luxury, limited by nature to always being a gift of absurd rarity.

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to share it with you.
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