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A brief history

For over three decades, Colgin Cellars has embraced the ideal of crafting wines of harmony, grace, and precision from exceptional hillside vineyards in the heart of the Napa Valley.

Driven by a love for the land and a reverence for the artistic beauty of the creation of fine wine, Colgin Cellars is synonymous with elegance, power, and longevity. We have a shared vision of creating lasting memories by capturing a singular expression of time and place.

The ethos of Colgin Cellars is to create wines of perfume, freshness, and minerality while embracing the diversity of hillside sites in the Napa Valley.

The Napa region is one of the most diverse places for growing grapes on Earth. In an area which is home to over half of the world’s soil types, there are specific sites which stand out as being world-class in quality and distinct in their nature. The combination of unique geology, coupled with mid-slope elevations and cooling airflow in concert with precision farming, establishes certain sites as the pinnacle of quality for the Napa Valley.

It is our privilege to produce profound wines that magnify the inherent beauty and complexity found in these distinctive hillside vineyards.
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Established in 1992

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