Ripe and tropical, the aromatics simply pop, sashaying from lychee to pear, and peach to melon. As the wine warms in the glass, star jasmine is revealed and the wine leans toward decidedly more floral and perfume elements, without relinquishing that beautiful varietal character.


On the one hand lush but also lively, pineapple, apricot, and honeycomb belie the razor-sharp
acidity that cuts through mid-sip. The honeycomb in particular transitions to a sultry marzipan like nuttiness that adds richness
to an already flashy palate.

Here the ginger emerges along with lychee once again as the wine’s density is clearly evident. Citrus appears as well in the form
of fresh lemon peel as the acid slowly begins to fade with one more hint of tropical passionfruit.

Growing Conditions

The vineyard in Potter Valley tends to bud out slightly later than those here in Napa Valley. Consequently, the late spring rains galvanized the period of grand growth as summer began. The excess moisture put a premium on managing the vine canopy to encourage dappled sunlight for ripening and discourage any unsavory pests as fall approached. We
decide to harvest primarily based on flavor and balance in the fruit, and this year that balance was achieved at slightly higher ripeness compared to previous vintages. The result is an opulent, voluptuous, but still fresh and dynamic wine.