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In the heart of St Helena, our historic Hayne Vineyard is home to 114-year old heritage Zinfandel vines, and the source of some of the most highly rated Zinfandel in California. Like living works of art, these old vines are each a spirit unto themselves and totally unique.; Our vines are dry-farmed, head-trained, hand-tended and managed sustainably with lots of love and without chemical intervention- the same way our family has done it for five generations.; These old vines have some incredible qualities such as an almost mysterious ability to maintain beautiful, mouthwatering acidity even with extended hang times, so we're able to pick ripe, concentrated fruit to get powerful and complex wines without compromising the overall balance or the sense of pure, luminous fruit. This is the Holy Grail in winemaking and just one of the secrets of our old vines. This effort has given our vines character - a palpable life force that you can taste and feel in every Hayne Vineyard wine.
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