succulent nose of apricots, honey, almond paste, (vaguely remniscent of Beerenauslese) that greets the senses and opens to lovely aromatic terpenes.


While Bouche d’Or may be sweet, it also has a bright acidity and crispness to it.

Growing Conditions

Bouche d’Or, literally “mouth of gold”, is an intriguing desserrt wine produced from Chardonnay accompanied by a hint of aromatic Riesling. Each year we designate and reserve two acres of our Estate Chardonnay vineyard for the Bouche d’Or. The main Chardonnay is usually harvested the last part of September with the Bouche d’Or following two months later. With very little botrytis bloom this year, the period of concentration was extended, bringing the grapes to the alchemical end point that turns wine to gold.

Food Pairing

This wine can stand on its own as a dessert wine and makes a great accompaniment to a cheese course. Hard, salty cheeses like Manchego, and Aged Gouda pair quite successfully. Less-sweet desserts like lemon meringue tart, grilled peaches or apple galette are excellent choices.