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A brief history

At Bella Union, amazing Cabernet is our masterpiece.  As a great painter makes use of the full color palette to create the most vibrant and compelling painting, so the expert vintners of Bella Union Winery work to find the most exuberant blend of complementary flavors to form our surprising and rich Cabernet profiles. And as the sculptor diligently chips away at the marble block until his vision is actualized in stone, so our winemakers strive to epitomize the pinnacle of vinification through tireless precision.
At Bella Union, we know the best of what blended Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon can be. Because we make it ourselves.

It Starts with a Vision

Excellence in Napa Valley winemaking is in our DNA. Our winery was established in 2012 by the partners of Far Niente and Nickel & Nickel. After some 30 years of making and enjoying some of the most celebrated Cabernets in the region, Bella Union presented a new challenge: The opportunity to find the perfect union of blended Cabernet — to explore the next evolution in a comprehensive Napa Valley winemaker’s repertoire.
Our vineyard comprises 25 acres positioned in Rutherford, California, along the auspicious Bella Oaks Lane. This once-unassuming road provided passage from Rutherford through the Mayacamas Mountains and into the erstwhile-flourishing Bella Union Mining Company. Like the mining company that became our winery’s namesake, we recognize the full gift our land can produce. Unlike them, our treasure grows above-ground, renewed each year.
Over time, Napa Valley came into its own as a world-renowned American Viticultural Area (AVA) — thanks in large part to visionary farmers like John Benson, who founded Far Niente, and John C. Sullenger, whose farmstead became the home to Nickel & Nickel. It’s in their expertise that the keen eye can spot the early signs of greatness that would define the valley as one of the world’s premier Cabernet regions in the decades hence. And it’s in their vision that we can trace the seeds that would grow into Bella Union.

The Best from Here, There and Everywhere

While our Rutherford vineyard is the cornerstone of our operation, our Cabernet isn’t bound by a single parcel of land. Rather, we apply the sum of our knowledge of the Napa Valley region to pinpoint the region’s best wine grapes to complement our own for a delicate blend of taste and texture.
Creating a truly beautiful and harmonious union of vineyards across the Napa Valley requires an artful blend of carefully selected sites and traditional varietals complementary to Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s in this spirit that the Bella Union winery was born.
And it is in this spirit that we continue to produce the most astounding union of Cabernet flavors in Napa Valley.
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