The 2014 Right Bank Proprietary Red Wine, is a Napa
version of a St.-Emilion/Pomerol with its sweet, soft tannins, fleshy,
opulent, medium to full-bodied mouthfeel, lovely blueberry, black
raspberry and blackcurrant fruit

Growing Conditions

2014 was a dream vintage, with quality along the lines
of 2012 and 2013. However, drought conditions and small crop size
did prove to be minor irritants. Napa Valley's harvest was unusually
early this year due to the drought. Summer weather was perfect for
the grapes. We didn’t see any extremes or surprises—no 100° F days,
no humidity trouble to speak of, no sunburn. We enjoyed a lot of days
in the 90s, with somewhat warmer nights than the year previous,
more often in the 60s than the 50s. Everything just rocked along


Lingering hints of chocolate and herbs seem to emerge out
of the glass.