Growing Conditions

The 2019 growing season began with abundant amounts of rainfall, causing the soils to retain moisture throughout the growing season. The long, warm summer saw very few heat events, with some strong foggy mornings setting the stage for vibrant and expressive balance in fruit development. The relatively mild finish to the white season helped to preserve freshness, strong acidity and created an opportunity for more maturity. Harvest began about two weeks later than in ’18 and lasted for around 10 days, creating great balance in our finished blend, with some vineyards showing strong complexity and freshness while others added richness in the palate.


Aromas of fresh yellow flowers, roasted grain, tropical sweetness and golden delicious apple, with notes of brown spice. Refreshing, clean and precise citrus spray on the nose. The palate is firmly balanced with mouthwatering acidity and flavors of lemon meringue and pear.