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A brief history


Addendum is a small, hands-on Napa winemaking endeavor from the seasoned Fess Parker family winemaking team. A standalone label, Addendum represents a unique opportunity for this well-established Santa Barbara County winery to make Bordeaux varietal wines, work side-by-side with committed Napa growers, and carry on the tradition of exploration and pioneering adventure embodied by Fess himself.

After spending 30 years honing their expertise in Santa Barbara’s Burgundian and Rhone varieties, the second-generation Fess Parker family sought to build and expand upon Fess’s vision, leveraging their long-term relationships in order to tap into some of the most prestigious, established, and diverse vineyard holdings in Napa Valley. The 2014 vintage marks the very first for the Addendum project, with site-specific grape sources that range from the unmistakably high-elevation Stagecoach Vineyard to the historic prestige Rutherford AVA valley floor vineyard with its classic ‘Rutherford Dust’ terroir.

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Established in 2014

6200 Foxen Canyon Rd
United States, California


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