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A brief history

1849 is our collection of contemporary art inspired California wines sourced from the preeminent viticulture areas within the state.

The 1849 Wine Company story begins back in our State history. In 1849 the Gold Rush began and many settlers flocked to Northern California in the hopes of coming into a financial windfall. But not everyone struck it rich in NorCal and as the thirst for gold waned by the end of 1855 gold fever turned into vine fever - with many settlers finding liquid gold in the form of California wine.

At 1849 Wine Company we are all about delivering the best of California Wines juxtaposed against unexpected bold and colorful label designs.

Our inspiration stems from California's urban art movement of the 21st century. The fascinating power of art lies in an artists' power to disrupt norms, transcend taboos and change our perspective. Every handcrafted bottle of 1849 Wine reflects this artistic spirit and the dedication we have for art of wine making.
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