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VinRoc Wine Caves

A brief history

VINROC derives its name from our rock strewn mountain vineyard, where the elevation provides the perfect climate; and our rock hewn wine cave, where the consistent temperature & humidity is ideal for storing and aging our wine.

High on the east slope of Napa Valley nestled below the majestic Atlas Peak, we carved our wine cave & petit vineyard, braving the steep & rocky terrain.

Blessed with sunny days & cool nights, nurtured by hands on labor & love; prevails an intense Cabernet Sauvignon. Born is the elegant & opulent VINROC

Located on the eastern slope of Napa Valley at an elevation of 1600 feet, our vineyards are above the fog line and experiences unny days and cool nights.

Our vines struggle through the volcanic rock & red soil, producing low yields of highly complex & intense fruit. 

We pick one ton at a time, and harvest only those clusters which are at the peak of ripeness .

The grapes are carried into our adjacent wine cave in small picking boxes, rather then dumped into large harvest bins, and are immediately hand sorted and de-stemmed.

Our winery is completely self-contained within our cave which was specially designed with custom European equipment for a low volume, high quality boutique operation.

Each ton harvested is separately fermented and barreled for two years in French Oak, which allows us to track individual batches from the vineyard and throughout the winemaking process until blended.
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4069 Atlas Peak Rd
United States, California