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A brief history

Nestled in a quiet canyon above the Silverado Trail in the world famous Napa Valley stands the breathtaking vineyards of Vine Cliff Winery. Known for rich, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons from the treasured Oakville Appellation and bold Chardonnays from the acclaimed Carneros District, Vine Cliff Winery prides itself on small lots of intensely flavored, hand-made wines.
It is Proprietress Nell Sweeney’s vision for Vine Cliff, her relentless effort to create a warm and welcoming experience at the Silverado Trail Winery and at the St. Helena Wine Tasting Room, matched by the passion of Vine Cliff’s winemaking team in the making of quality handcrafted wines at the Silverado Trail estate, that makes Vine Cliff such an extraordinary story. Its current position as a leader in the production of premium world class Napa Valley wines is fitting tribute to its legacy as a ‘ghost winery’ founded in 1871 (and now one of the oldest wineries in the Napa Valley), and its role in the beginning of the Napa Valley wine industry.
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7400 Silverado Trail
United States, California