black cherry, pomegranate and cranberry accentuate and enhance this enticing bouquet.


cherry, black olive and a subtle hint of spicy clove

Growing Conditions

The Spanos-Berberian vineyard is located on top of Pritchard Hill in the Vaca Mountains of Napa Valley. With a south-facing slope, well drained soils and very cool nights, this renowned wine growing region is the ideal location for making uniquely powerful but elegant red wines. Heavy rains throughout the winter of 2010 lead to above average rainfall for the year. All the extra water in the soil encouraged vigorous green growth in the vineyards throughout the valley. The vines grew like crazy making canopy management an essential part of maintaining quality clusters. An unusually late frost in late May devastated vineyards across much of the Valley but Spanos-Berberian’s location above the fog-line coupled with its aspect toward the sun protected it from this now notorious weather pattern.


Fermentation: BRL97 @ 78-82F Malo-lactic: Vinaflora strain ML bacteria BBL age: 34 months 225 liter barrels New oak: 67% Primary Coopers: Alain Fouquet, Taransaud Barrel Type: 100% French oak