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A brief history

Three Clicks wines is a collaboration of two winemakers, whose vision and philosophy about wine are simple. We want to make the best quality wine from premium vineyard sources in the Napa Valley. The vineyards were selected for their unique micro climates, soil structure, and combination of rootstocks and clones. The wines made from these grapes are an expression of our diverse experience and years of devotion to wine and winemaking. Ultimately our wines are made for us, the kind of wine two winemakers prefer to drink. We are fortunate enough to be able to produce wines that we like, and then share them with you.
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Napa Valley, California, United States


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Three Clicks Wines Dessert Wine Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesDessert Wine

Three Clicks Wines Petite Sirah Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesPetite Sirah

Three Clicks Wines Malbec Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesMalbec

Three Clicks Wines Grenache Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesGrenache

Three Clicks Wines Grenache Blanc Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesGrenache Blanc

Three Clicks Wines Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Three Clicks WinesSauvignon Blanc