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Sire Estate Wines

A brief history

“Sire” is an archaic English word for father or king, and was a respectful form of address for reigning monarchs or someone of high social status during the Middle Ages. The King, or father, was the carrier of the family bloodline, from generation to generation. Wealth, land, and nobility would fall or rise at the succession of the Sire.

The term is still used today by top animal breeders for show dogs and race horses, describing the father and lineage of a prized thoroughbred or fine stallion. In the quest for the finest race horse, breeders seek out perfection among the bloodlines of past winners, purebreds, and top pedigrees.

So it is with fine wine, the best only come from top pedigree grapes (clones) with proper lineage, the heartiest rootstock, and the richest terroir in Napa Valley. The object of Sire, is to source only the finest pedigree vineyards for winemaking; Cabernet vineyards specifically. We patiently wait for just the right thoroughbred vineyard sites to work with; to produce that best-of-show wine. Each vintage of Sire is a purebred… an uninhibited expression of the vineyard site’s terroir.

Like all things royal, Sire is both refined yet decadent. Well structured and balanced, with just a touch of hedonism.