Aromas of fresh, farmer’s market wild strawberries elegantly welcome the senses.


Flavors of lush plum and bright pomegranate round out the palate, finishing with a dash of spice.

Growing Conditions

Our new Brut Sparkling Rosé is made in the traditional Methode Champenoise from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grown in the cool North Coast region. Appellations: 90% Sonoma County 6% Mendocino County 4% Monterey County


EN TIRAGE After primary fermentation, the wine is blended and bottled along with yeast and a small amount of sugar, stopped with a crown cap, and stored horizontally for a second fermentation. During the secondary fermentation, the carbon dioxide is trapped in the wine in solution. RIDDLING After aging, the lees are consolidated for removal through a process known as riddling. In this stage, the bottles are placed on special racks that hold them at a 45° angle, with the crown cap pointed down. Once a day the bottles are given a slight shake and turn, alternatively on right then left, with the angle gradually increased—this pushes the sediments toward the neck of the bottle. DISGORGING In 10 to 14 days the position of the bottle is straight down, with the lees settled in the neck. The lees removal process is done by freezing a small amount of the liquid in the neck and removing this plug of ice containing the lees. DOSAGE Immediately after disgorging but before final corking, the liquid level is topped up with a little sugar. The amount of sugar in the dosage determines the sweetness of the Champagne, the sugar previously in the wine having been consumed in the second fermentation. Generally, sugar is added to balance the high acidity of the Champagne, rather than to produce a sweet taste and Brut style sparkling will only have a small amount of sugar added. A cork is then inserted, with a capsule and wire cage securing it in place.


Almost as beautiful in the glass as it is on the palate, our delicate, blush pink Brut Sparkling Rosé is stunning.

Food Pairing

Particularly versatile when paring with food, our Rosé is the perfect complement to everything from sushi, creamy cheese and dark chocolate cakes as well as a picnic in the park, a family celebration or a romantic night at the beach.