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A brief history

In 2005 Jim Bear Dyke, Jr. and Gustavo A. Gonzalez met by chance at the Off The Record Bar at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C. After a lengthy discussion of the Golden Ratio the conversation moved to wine and by the end of the evening the two had mapped out on napkins what they thought a premier Napa Valley winery could be, defined by words such as boutique, innovative, hand crafted, single vineyard.; Four years later the duo secured their first block of grapes in Hyde Vineyard and began to assemble the building blocks necessary to become a Napa Valley winery. In 2012 they launched Mira Winery. Albert Einstein said there are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Mira which is the Latin root for miracle encompasses more than just a personal philosophy, it captures all that is wine. The Mira logo is the rune for good harvest.; Today Mira has one-of-a-kind blocks in acclaimed vineyards across Napa Valley. The diversity of wine produced mirrors the diversity of Mira´s vineyard blocks. Mira produces hand crafted, all-natural wines, each a singular expression of unique grapes. Aged to produce flavors defined by their purity and understated elegance, Mira wines are ready to drink upon release and are built for enjoyment after years in the cellar.; Mira is defined by its roots, anchored in the lineage, longevity and alchemy of Napa Valley.
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Established in 2009

6170 Washington Street
Napa Valley, California, United States




Meet The Winemakers

  • Gustavo A. Gonzalez

    For over 20 years Mira winemaker and cofounder Gustavo A Gonzalez has been practicing his craft in the Napa Valley
    and around the world to critical acclaim. Gustavo has worked in California, Italy, France, Argentina, and Brazil. His local knowledge and global perspective bring a highly experienced and creatively expansive approach to Mira’s vineyard practices and winemaking techniques.

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Mira Winery Red Wine Hyde Bottle Preview
Mira WineryRed Wine Hyde

Mira Winery Pinot Noir Rosé Bottle Preview
Mira WineryPinot Noir Rosé

Mira Winery Syrah Hyde Bottle Preview
Mira WinerySyrah Hyde

Mira Winery Merlot Bottle Preview
Mira WineryMerlot