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A brief history

MARTIN ESTATE wines are produced and bottled exclusively at the Rutherford Chateau which was established in 1887.; Located in Block B of the original Caymus land grant, the historic property in the heart of Rutherford pedigrees back to the estate of George C. Yount. Today, Winemaker Aaron Pott is in charge of the Estate wine production.; MARTIN ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon is limited to what its vineyard property yields. Our Puerta Dorada Vineyard consists of eight acres of tightly spaced First Growth grapevines. Astonishingly, the land had never been planted until 1996, thus the vineyard has the incredible advantage of a soil that has not been depleted by decades of monoculture and chemical impact.; The intensity of MARTIN ESTATE wines mirrors its terroir, expressing a harmonious balance between structure and flavor - allowing the full expression of the fruit and the place where it was grown. "Do you know where your wine has been?" Ì´åÂ
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