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Magna Carta Cellars

A brief history

Napa Valley is known for its innovative, quality-driven wines that stand among the best in the world. Most winemakers will tell you, however, that quality starts in the vineyard. Our great diversity of soils, unique microclimates are attributed to the first class wines that our region is famous for delivering year in and year out. Moreso, the collaboration found within the vintner community really does compel our vintners and growers to refine their grape growing practices to produce the best possible wines. The sense of community found in Napa Valley will always allow for our wines to rate among the best in the world.

We believe that there is always room to grow and improve. Every vintage is unique and should be enjoyed as such. Every harvest will have a different story and every vintage will deliver that story. Our winemakers narrate that story carefully and cautiously in every step… From selecting the grapes, to blending and producing the wine you are about to enjoy.

Magna Carta Cellars was founded to provide our artistic expression of a world class “Left Bank” Bordeaux wine from Napa Valley. Quality is of utmost importance, and holding to the tradition of the high standards of premium California wines, our grapes are from only the finest vineyards in Napa Valley including Oakville, Carneros, and Stags Leap. We know that winemaking, in all aspects, is truly a perfect blend of art and science. Everything must come together perfectly: planting, selecting, picking, sorting, and blending the grapes; producing and packaging the wine; and delivering the wine to your table. Magna Carta Cellars has perfected this dance so you are able to enjoy the most exquisite wines Napa Valley has to offer.

Wine is our love, our passion. The art of making wine is, in essence, something that the Magna Carta Cellars team was born to do. We are not just looking to create a wine, but to excel in the art and craft of winemaking. To provide a unique, one of a kind masterpiece. Sharing our craft with the world is a great honor and we strive to ensure that the taste buds of our consumers are not let down.

Our goal is to provide a much higher quality wine by staying small and focusing on quality over quantity. We want you to savor it and know that it is ready to enjoy because we hold back vintages until the wine is perfect. Having spent many years in the industry, we are extremely aware of how much inferior wine is produced and the costs. We are continually refining the Magna Carta Cellars winemaking process ensuring that we are bringing the highest value to you our members, our partners, our family.

We are the new age and generation of Napa Valley artists. One that is unique and brings a whole new culture and vibe - but rooted with the rich history. We are a new generation of oenophiles that are not looking to just drink their wine, but to live and experience their wine.