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Letterhead Wine is a project that brings together three distinctive elements: a 100-point winemaker, tiny allocations of single-vineyard, highly-prized grapes from some of the most desirable sites in Napa Valley, and a commitment to the quality-driven winemaking traditions that put our region on the map in the first place.

We aimed our sights on a single source of remarkable grapes to craft as unique and beautiful an expression of Cabernet Sauvignon as possible for our inaugural release. Our journey only begins with this variety, because the story we’re telling isn’t one of being tied to the land. It’s a harrowing tale of being tied to the tracks and run over by a freight train of deliciousness.

We’ve modeled Letterhead after the négociant model that is famous in France. A négociant is an impeccably dressed merchant who purchases very good grapes, to make very tasty wine, but doesn’t own the land. Each season, we look for the best grapes available to us that we believe offer a single variety’s purest expression. Being small allows us to be thoughtful in our negotiations for the right grapes to offer the best quality wine at the best price possible.

Our label draws upon our journey and the anticipation of making a wine year after year—an empty page on which we get to write the next chapter. Every day presents a blank page and a new opportunity to tell any story imaginable.
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Letterhead Wines Letterhead Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Calistoga AVA Single Vineyard Bottle Preview
Letterhead WinesLetterhead Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Calistoga AVA Single Vineyard

Our inaugural Letterhead release offers a true expression of a singular place and variety—Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Our 2018 release source is a world-class vineyard in Calistoga at the base of Diamond Mountain, a location with a storied past and proximity to some of Napa Valley’s most legendary producers. It’s a unique slice of land, where the Mayacamas and Vaca Mountains practically touch in the narrowest part of the Valley. Vines here are rooted in gravelly loam soils, rich in volcanic deposits interspersed with the well-draining alluvial fans of ancient riverbeds. Here, the grapes capture a unique snapshot of Napa terroir—combining rich flavors and structural opulence for a wine to enjoy now or in 35 years.