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10 Wines from 7 Grape Varieties

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Kenzo Estate asatsuyu Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estateasatsuyu

Wonderful citrus aromatics define the 2016 asatsuyu’s characteristics. Intertwined with notes of vanilla and guava nectar and peach preserves, asatsuyu is an aromatic marvel that greets you long before first swirl. Complementing this aromatic anomaly is a broad and sumptuous palate, framed by a lingering mouth-watering acidity. Drink now and drink chilled.

Kenzo Estate yui Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estateyui

Bonds of Friendship – yui represents "unity" in Japanese, and here it is evocative of the strong bond among the teams who passionately care for the vineyards and artfully craft our wines. Unity and harmony are also in play as our rosé, yui, is artfully blended by winemaker Heidi Barrett from carefully selected vineyard blocks of Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, in a crisp, dry style with a silky finish. Celebrating its 10th vintage with this 2020 release, this is an opulent rosé wine with delicate proportions.

Kenzo Estate muku Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estatemuku

Representing purity and innocence in Japanese, muku is absolute euphoria in a bottle. Each year, muku is comprised of carefully selected one-acre blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon which make their home at 1,400 feet in rocky, volcanic soils. The elevation and earth produce an intensely perfumed and concentrated juice. The delicate fruit is nurtured for an extra month on vine until golden brown, hand-harvested, and gently pressed to extract an almost syrup-like juice. In the cellar, the grapes are cold fermented to allow a slow sugar to alcohol conversion which is designed to preserve the muku’s heavenly bouquet. Fermentation ends at about 10 degrees brix to achieve the perfect marriage between sugar, acid and alcohol. Bursting with candied apricot, guava and peach, and hints of crisp minerality, this wine pairs perfectly with a cheese course, fruit galette, or simply on its own. Enjoy now, and enjoy often.

Kenzo Estate asuka Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estateasuka

red wine asuka cabernet franc Napa Valley Asuka is the name of the town in the Nara Prefecture where founder Kenzo Tsujimoto was born, and when translated, represents "a bright future," and "hope for tomorrow." This 2018 vintage elevates the classic elements of Cabernet Franc, an approachable wine with signature intense aromatics that jump from the glass. Gentle and vibrant on the palate, refined tannins and bright acidity provide a bold freshness, with a long finish - a triumph of the Estate vineyards ready to enjoy now and into the future.

Kenzo Estate ai Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estateai

ai represents the color indigo in the Japanese language and has been used in the ancient art of textile dyeing for thousands of years throughout Japan. Derived from plant material, indigo is a rare commodity, just as the wine that bears its name. With aging, both ai and indigo dye evolve and soften in texture and expression. Selected from the most superb barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon and enhanced by additional Bordeaux components, this wine is the boldest expression of the estate vineyards’ potential. The 2014 ai is a delicate bookend to the full-bodied wines of the past three vintages. The wine floats across the palate, its bright and alluring aromatics intermingle savory notes of white pepper and slate, offset by bright brambleberry and orange zest. Muscular, yet also refined, this wine balances silky tannins and bright acidity to create a structurally sound bottle that can be enjoyed now and into the next 15 years.

Kenzo Estate murasaki Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estatemurasaki

murasaki, meaning ‘purple’ in Japanese, also appropriately signifies the color of royalty. Utamaro, a renowned Ukiyoe painter in the Edo era, used colorful and elegant purples in his woodblock prints. This wine appropriately follows suit with its beautiful purple hue and expressive, delicate essence. murasaki is Kenzo Estate’s homage to the Merlot-influenced blends of Bordeaux’s famed Right Bank producers, where the wines are smooth, supple and elegant. Our winemaking team carefully selects the finest lots of Merlot to serve as the foundation for this limited production offering. The 2014 murasaki is brimming with seductive aromatics ranging from blueberry cobbler, to brioche, to cigar box. Flavors of dark fruit with a mineral backbone are tempered by soft Merlot tannins that grip ever so slightly. Enjoy this brilliant offering both now and as it continues to flourish in the bottle for years to come.

Kenzo Estate suzu Sparkling Rosé Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estatesuzu Sparkling Rosé

Following the flavor profile for Kenzo Estate's popular rosé, yui, this wine is created in the methode champenoise from the blend of varieties selected specially to make rosé, including malbec, cabernet franc, and merlot.

Kenzo Estate ren Sparkling Semillon Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estateren Sparkling Semillon

California Sparkling created from prized Kenzo Estate Semillon - 100% Semillon produced in the methode champenoise, created by Estate winemaker Marc Nanes.

Kenzo Estate sei Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estatesei Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Using methode champenoise, sei is created from the estate's highly regarded Sauvignon Blanc.

Kenzo Estate rindo Bottle Preview
Kenzo Estaterindo

Meaning purple bell or gentian flower, "rindo" represents the beautiful purple hue of the grape clusters, that resemble the shape of many bells hanging in the vineyard. As the flagship red wine in the collection, rindo is the singular expression of the estate's magnificent diverse vineyards, that grow an alluring mosaic of Bordeaux varietals. Each vintage is reflective of its growing season, and each is uniquely tuned and refined by blend. This 2018 composition is soaring and layered with aromatics of cocoa, plum and vanilla with sensational dark fruit on the palate, and a subtle minerality providing balance - a beautifully approachable wine.