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A brief history

Vintage after vintage, we explore the exquisite nuances of Napa’s extraordinary Lovall Valley. Magical from the moment we laid eyes on it, Lovall Valley is one of Napa’s coolest and most remote growing regions, and home to our own Grieve Family Estate Vineyard. Here, our site-specific, organic farming works in concert with the area’s uniquely cool microclimate to produce Grieve Family wines of profound richness, structure and site expression. When David and Kathleen Grieve moved from San Francisco to wine country in 2002 and purchased their dream home on 10 acres in Napa’s Lovall Valley, they knew they’d found a special spot, they just didn’t realize how special. Part of what drew David and Kathleen to their new property was the neighboring Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. At first, it was the view, but over time they developed a growing appreciation and fascination with the vines themselves. Both David and Kathleen were avid wine enthusiasts, but neither had experience with Sauvignon Blanc. They studied up on the varietal and began to sample Sauvignon Blanc from different producers to develop their preferred style. During their studies, they discovered that Lovall Valley, with its elevated exposures, fog-cooled mornings and gravelly-loam soils, was an ideal spot for growing world-class Sauvignon Blanc. As luck would have it, just two years after they moved to Lovall Valley, the neighboring vineyard went on the market, and Grieve Family Estate took root.
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