The juice for this wine came from the red grapes picked throughout the 2016 harvest, from early September into early October. As the red grapes were sorted and filled into tanks, a small percentage of juice was drawn off from each tank to both produce this rosé, and to concentrate the remaining juice for the red wines. Filled directly from tank into well experienced French oak barrels, the juice was inoculated with a variety of yeast strains particularly suited to delicate, aromatic wine such as this. The juice fermented slowly at low temperatures to retain all the fresh fruit and aromatics that come from the grapes to produce a delicate, fruity and enjoyable Rosé. The barrels finished fermentation in 50-60 days and then sat on the yeast lees while aging 4 months to develop a soft mouthfeel. The wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation and retains the crispness and fresh acidity important to rosé