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A brief history

DAVID FULTON built the first commercial stone wine cellar within the town limits of St. Helena in 1861.
Earlier, John Patchett built the first winery in the town of Napa in1858. Charles Krug built a crude 22-foot diameter cellar with a thatched roof in 1861. It was located a mile north of the town of St. Helena and was replaced by a more substantial structure several years later.
David Fulton, with the funds he acquired through the sale of 15 of the forty acres he bought in 1860, began the construction of his stone wine cellar. Note: Dr. Crane who purchased land in 1859 south of Sulfer Creek that marked the southern border of town, didn’t start the construction of his first cellar until 1862.
Only a small number of cases of Petite Sirah are produced by the estate annually and distributed primarily to Wine Club members, fine California restaurants, specialty wine shops and other private collections. The bulk of fruit grown by David Fulton Vineyards are sold to three local and well received Napa Valley wineries noted for their fine quality wines at and reasonable prices.
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825 Fulton Lane
United States, California