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John Caldwell is the original wine industry maverick and the man responsible for introducing the most prized Bordeaux root stock and grapevine clones to California. Now considered the industry standard for vineyards in the United States, John held the original licensing agreement with the French government for their Entav-Inra clones, for all of North America. Through this larger-than-life odyssey, John helped revolutionize the foundation of modern winemaking in the United States. Today, with Marbue Marke at the winemaking helm, Caldwell produces 23 different clone- and varietal-specific wines from his estate vineyard.; Caldwell Vineyard, Coombsville, Napa Valley; You're on a hilltop, 500 feet above sea level in the heart of Coombsville, Napa Valley´s newest AVA. To the north is a panoramic view of Napa Valley, framed by the Mayacamas mountains to the west and the Vaca mountain range to the east. At your feet is a sprawling 123-acre ranch. 60-acres of grapevine rows follow the contours of the rolling hills to create a mesmerizing landscape, which is now home to the original Bordeaux rootstock smuggled in to the US by John Caldwell back in 1982. This is Caldwell Vineyard. It is home to John and Joy Caldwell and their two sons. It is a spectacular place to view the world, an exceptional place to grow Bordeaux wine varieties, and the birthplace of the Caldwell wine collection.; Tasting at Caldwell; Join Vintner, Smuggler & Legend, John Caldwell for a private wine tasting experience at Caldwell Vineyard estate in the heart of Coombsville, Napa Valley's newest and most unique AVA. Deep inside the 22,000 square foot cave, surrounded by bare earth, you'll break bread (usually with John himself) while sipping on a selection of Caldwell estate wines available only in their tasting room, paired with a ploughman's platter of locally sourced artisan cheeses and charcuterie.
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Napa Valley, California, United States


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