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A brief history

Ballentine Vineyards has been dedicated to farming our land sustainably for over 100 years. Our family’s focus is on producing the highest quality grapes and wines from our vineyards and sustaining our Napa Valley traditions for generations to come. We strive to make intelligent choices that maximize our quality while minimizing our impact on the land. With the building of our winery, the family has had a dedication to the preservation of our farming traditions. The winery was designed to collect the rainwater from our rooftop and be used for both frost protection and irrigation, we have been a solar-powered winery for over a decade, and our latest addition is a treatment plan that allows us to recycle every drop of water used in the winery and place it back into the field to irrigate our vineyard. For four generations now we have been dedicated to seeing our ranch achieve the highest quality, and we hope to carry on farming for many more years to come!
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Established in 1906

2820 Saint Helena Highway N.
Napa Valley, California, United States


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