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Adler Deutsch Vineyard

A brief history

Adler Deutsch Vineyard is located on the edge of the acclaimed West Rutherford Bench. Owners Bob Adler and Alexis Deutsch-Adler work hand-in-hand with their team to create a singular Cabernet Sauvignon wine expressing the terroir of their two-acre vineyard. Winemaker Aaron Pott was formerly assistant winemaker for John Kongsgaard, and winemaker at Ch´teau Troplong Mondot and Ch´teau La Tour Figeac in Bordeaux. Jim Barbour, Viticulturist, and the team at Barbour Vineyards farm year-round to maintain the health of the vines and preserve the integrity of the land.

"Our life and purpose as vintners is to preserve and nurture our land to yield the best fruit and craft wines of distinction that reflect the creative vision of Adler Deutsch Vineyard."

— Bob Adler and Alexis Deutsch-Adler, Vintners
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1870 W Zinfandel Lane
United States, California