The lifted and bright 2014 Salus Booth Bela Oaks is a fluid comingling of black raspberries, delicate boysenberries and ripe redcurrants dusted with nutmeg and cocoa powder and given warmth and complexity by hints of anise and sandalwood.


The filigreed tannins produce a delightfully soft and refreshing wine of finessed and silky structure that is drinking well right out of the gate.

Growing Conditions

2014 was another fantastic growing season. After one of the warmest and driest winters on record, as expected, budbreak was early, even earlier than 2013. Though offset by judiciously timed February rains, the continued drought conditions limited vigor in the vines, promoting balanced and compact growth along with generally smaller sized berries. Even with a “normally” timed harvest window, because of the early budbreak, we benefitted from an extended hangtime, which allowed for an even and complete maturity of the decently sizable crop.


19 Months 100% French, 93% new, 7% used