Linear and precise, the 2013 Booth Salus opens with clean notes of a dark fruit medley of blueberries and blackberries sweetened with a liberal helping of Concord grape. With time and swirls of air, complexing notes of cedar and freshly plucked pine needles emerge to fill the glass further brightened by whiffs of spearmint set against a savory backdrop that hints at a peppery bouillon.


A bit tight and structured at first, the palate soon broadens into a silky expanse of liquid dark fruits balanced by pools of pomegranate and redcurrant. Enjoyable and enticing now, additional cellaring will surely allow additional detail and refinement to develop.

Growing Conditions

Simply put, the 2013 growing season was spectacular. An early bud break was followed by an extended stretch of warm weather that promoted rapid early season development while the dry conditions limited vigor in the vines. Nearly ideal conditions during flowering resulted in a great fruit set. Very warm and dry weather continued through the late spring and into the early summer establishing compact vines. And just when we began to have a few concerns about the extended stretch of warm weather, daytime temps came down a bit starting in the midsummer almost as if we ordered them, nicely slowing down ripening and allowing flavors to develop more deeply. These spectacular conditions continued through the end of the summer and deep into the autumn, allowing us to pick each batch of fruit at optimal maturity over the course of several weeks.


19 Months 100% French, 94% new, 6% used