The 2004 Reserve is an expressive wine showing profound aromas of ripe cherry and Mandarin orange that evolve into warm honey and marzipan.


Not to be outdone, the palate is rich with flavors of raspberry, spiced apples and candied ginger. Crisp on entry and velvety in texture, the wine lingers in the mouth with a long, balanced acidity.

Growing Conditions

Budbreak occurred earlier than many vintners could remember and the trend carried forward throughout the growing season. Heat spikes occurred in June and at scattered intervals throughout the summer season. Grapes completed veraison early and ripeness with well-developed sugars in all varieties was realized early. Growers held on as acid balance eventually caught up. Temperatures were steady into one of the earliest harvests in Napa Valley. Grape quality was very good with a crop that was smaller than average. County Composition: 33% Mendocino, 31% Sonoma, 19% Napa, 17% Marin


Bottled: May 19, 2005


Though primarily Pinot Noir, small amounts of select Chardonnay are included in the blend to lend additional backbone and length to the palate. Distinct barrel and malolactic fermentation lots are layered in to provide viscosity and depth. Barrel Fermentation: 37% Principal Pinot Noir Blocks: Mendocino County: Corby, Juster Sonoma County: Saltonstall Napa County: Hyde Marin County: Stevens


Each bottle is aged in contact with its own yeast in our historic Diamond Mountain hillside caves for 6 years, 6 months; this adds a caramelized richness to the wine. The yeast is then removed and a finishing dosage — determined through comprehensive trials — is added to fine-tune the balance of flavor and acidity.