Toasted pie-crust with roasted hazelnut and coconut notes frame the baked apple and cherry aromatic core of this complex, well-aged bubbly. chocolate, molasses, beeswax and cinnamon delightfully chime in.


Rich, creamy fruit flavors, with just a hint of cider, unfold across the palate, giving way to a long, lingering finish.

Growing Conditions

The Schramsberg Reserve is our top Pinot Noir-based cuvée. Representing 2% of our annual production, this richly-flavored and full-bodied sparkling wine is made from only the finest base wine lots each year. The Reserve is a Blanc de Noirs style sparkler, a white wine gently made from mostly red grapes. Hand picking, early harvesting and light pressing are critical. Small amounts of selected Chardonnay are included in the blend just to lend some additional backbone and length to the palate.


Extensive tasting is conducted over the winter months, with over 100 base wines representing 60 vineyards in five counties being taken into consideration. For the Reserve bland, 35-50% of the base wines are barrel fermented and aged sur lies for six months.


Post-bottle fermentation, each bottle is aged in contact with its own yeast in our mountainside caves for a minimum of five years. The finishing dosage is the result of a comprehensive review of base wine options, many of which are barrel-aged for five-plus years.

Food Pairing

The Reserve is well suited for service with main courses, especially such choices as veal tenderloin and roast duck, or with heavier fish such as sea bass. This delicious bubbly also pleases as an aperitif. Try it with smoked oysters, caviar, or crab cakes.