Gorgeous flavors of ripe raspberry and plum concentrate in addition to beautiful undertones of caramelized brown sugar. The supple tannins are silky smooth on the palate and combine with the lush fruit profile to deliver a highly pleasurable, classic Napa Valley Cabernet experience.

Growing Conditions

In the words of Henry Hartman, “success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” With more than a decade of experience in the vineyard we definitely had the preparation part down, however we were happily surprised by the unlimited opportunity given to us by Mother Nature in 2012. The growing conditions were beyond fabulous, provding the double benefit of phenomenal quality as well as grand abundance, a winemaker’s dream. Serendipitous and trouble-free, the pristine conditions of the season delivered a harvest with both marvelous quality and ample quantity, an ideal combination.


Pure clone 337 Vineyard: Beckstoffer Georges III


Aged 20 months in rare Darnajou French oak barrels