Aromas evoke notions of German chocolate cake with notes of cherry, coconut and chocolate integrated with hints of toffee, marzipan and malty grains.


. The wine has rich density with flavors of blueberry, black cherry and fresh fig. The finish concludes the sensory journey with lingering notes of fig and cocoa. Structured tannins will help this wine develop nicely in bottle through the mid 2020s, and this wine is delightful earlier with some aeration.

Growing Conditions

Estate vineyard on Napa Valley floor on Pratt Avenue with Bale loam soil. Vines are cane pruned and hand-tended to yield two clusters per shoot. The parcel yields approximately two tons per acre.


Bottled August, 2015.


Cold soak for 5 days. Post-fermentation maceration 14 days. Racked twice.


22 months in French Oak: Bossuet, Darnajou, Seguin Moreau.