The 2011 vintage bears the most extroverted aromatics of Promontory to date, with notes that range from coffee, black truffle, wet stones, and the smell of warm earth after a rainfall.


The wine is classically juicy on entry as the acidity dances in the front of the mouth. It possesses great density but demonstrates a degree of clarity and intention as it touches the mid-palate. This is followed, by a very fine quality of tannin, not yet experienced in the prior vintages. The 2011 is undoubtedly youthful, but with gentle decanting it can bestow more pleasure at the moment than any vintage yet. However approachable this wine may be, we are convinced that its mysterious facets will continue to be revealed in the decades to come.

Growing Conditions

Budbreak at Promontory began in the second week of April. The season progressed at a slow but deliberate pace, with veraison occurring in late August and early September. While most of the valley experienced rain followed by weeks of thick fog, Promontory - perched just above - continued to receive the warmth of the autumn sun along with the constant breeze that naturally stirs within the property. These two elements created ideal ripening conditions, and allowed for patience in determining the moment of harvest.


Picking began with the upper ridges in late October and concluded with the lower hillsides in the first week of November.


Due to the diversity of soil, exposure, and elevation, over fifty individual harvest passes were made, translating into thirty separate vinifications in the winery. Careful selection was made at the time of blending, in order to discern the parcels that would most purely express the character of the land. With each progressive month of aging the wine has continued to add layers of depth and richness. We believe that not only is this an exemplary example of the 2011 vintage, but that it is truly the best representation of Promontory that we have offered to date.


Deep red and brooding describes both the appearance and nature of the wine.