The nose, full of subtlety, carries notes from dark bramble fruits, graphite, wet stones, to an array of extremely fresh spices.


Vibrant acidity defines the entry; this nerve is intertwined through a fleshy and dense mid-palate, evoking an impression of juiciness that is resonant through to the finish. The tannins are perhaps the most detailed part of the wine. They have richness and volume, yet you can perceive the individuality of each fine grain, almost as if it were chiseled apart from the whole. Though intensely enjoyable now with five years of age, this wine has a very long life ahead. Its precise balance of acidity, tannin and fruit would seem to render it immortal. We expect that it should drink beautifully over the next 50+ years.

Growing Conditions

The first week of April marked the beginning of a long budbreak that didn’t conclude until April 17th. This was followed by one of the coolest growing seasons in over a decade. Fortunately, there was not an over-abundance of rain in the period from bloom to harvest, allowing for a very balanced and even ripening season.


Harvest began on October 2nd with the highest elevations first. Over the next 25 days, we were able to pick each block deliberately at its moment of ripeness. When all was said and done, we had identified and brought in 70 sovereign areas.


In the cellar these became 30 distinct fermentations which, once complete, were aged separately for one year before blending. Ultimately twenty-one of those were selected to represent the virtues of the 2010 vintage. Together in concert we believe they harmonize the multi-faceted nature of Promontory’s character.


The appearance is deep violet in color and brilliant along the meniscus.