"Our 2013 Reserve Cabernet is massively structured with a finish so long that I’m not sure where it stops because I’m too impatient for the second sip. The flavors are classic Pride – loads of black fruit, cassis and bramble, all layered with complex notes of tar, leather, black tea and crushed mint. It’s a beautiful wine from a beautiful moment in time and a wine that will be a thrill to follow as it ages over the next 25+ years." - WInemaker Sally Johnson

Growing Conditions

Long-time Associate Winemaker Romel Rivera has a simple measuring stick for assessing the quality of each vintage: how does it stack up against two of our best, the 2001 and 2002 vintages? Vintages with incredible structure, he compares to 2001. Vintages that are about ripeness and velvety mouthfeel are compared to 2002. For the first time in my nine vintages at Pride, Romel says that with the 2013 reds, we have produced something better than either the 2001 or 2002. Regions: Sonoma, Napa Sold out.


Bottled: Dec. 2015.


Fermentation: Stainless steel.


Cooperage: French Oak.