Thoroughly ripe aromas seem to roar from the glass with the characters of black cherry and dark chocolate.


Immense on the palate, the approachable tannins immediately flood your entire mouth with ripe berry flavor, punctuated with suggestions of cedar and espresso beans. The finish of this amazingly full-bodied. Cabernet continues to coat the palate with soft, chewy and flavorful tannins long after the glass is empty.

Growing Conditions

The 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon is another gangbuster – the ideal marriage of mountain grown fruit and meticulous winemaking. A long growing season of warm days and cool nights began with bud break on the first day of spring and gave us completely mature fruit with no sacrifice in acidity. Perfect pollination meant that each cluster ripened evenly.


Bottled: June 2002.


Fermentation: Stainless steel.


French Oak.


Dark enough to dip your fountain pen in.