Aromas and flavors of cassis, currant and cedar explode on the palate as the richness of body and abundant yet supple tannins provide a delicious texture. The bright natural acidity lends a vibrance to this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, which promises to bottle age beautifully for decades to come.

Growing Conditions

The 1998 ripening season forced vintners to evaluate the maturity of fruit from a very unfamiliar perspective for most. The cycle began with a late bud break followed by a generally cool, overcast and rainy spring. Summer weather seemed to come and go in mid-June and the remainder of the season brought continued cool conditions. Patience brought its reward as the fruit was allowed to hang late into the cool fall months.


The Cabernet harvest began during the second week of November when the fruit maturity was deemed ripe on the basis of seed and pulp color.


Bottled: June 2000.


Fermentation: Stainless steel.


French Oak.


Ripeness is evident in the beautiful depth of ruby color and legs, which cling to the glass.