The wine is youthful in both the nose and mouth, and a few months in bottle have served it well, allowing its character to evolve. Intriguing and complex aromas offer ginger, lime peel, lemongrass, and passion fruit.


Minerality reigns in the fruit character further adding structure to the wine. Bone dry and with appropriate acidity, it offers great balance of all its components. We are confident the wine will evoke our favorite wine description, “delicious.”

Growing Conditions

2009 will be discussed and evaluated in two ways—before the rains and after the rains. It was a beautiful, mild, growing season with slow, great flavor development in the grapes. Everything before the rains arguably is equal to anything of this decade. That’s saying a lot! Our Sauvignon Blanc arrived in impeccable condition and were the first grapes for us to begin the harvest.


Bottling Date: February 10, 2010.


We have continued to follow the winemaking strategy that began in 2003. Grapes proceed to the press without any crushing, and the resulting juice ferments in stainless steel for roughly a month. We select a yeast strain known to enhance the aromatics of the wine. Fermentation: 23 days at 49º.


Aging takes place for three months in completely neutral puncheons—500 liter or 132 gallon barrels. The sur-lie aging adds a surprising textural component that elevates the pleasure component of the wine. The raciness is balanced by the creaminess of the barrel aging. A reminder, however, there is no new oak. The goal is to preserve the wonderful fresh fruit quality of the wine.


Our 2009 is pale straw in color.