A beautiful mélange of perfumed aromas entice—rose petal, lavender, cherry, cardamom, and roasted coffee notes.


The mouth offers a soft entry with a lush textural impression, but it is quickly held in check by a finish with lively acidity and firmness This complex and elegant wine will definitely reward with age.

Growing Conditions

Truchard Vineyards. Tony and Jo Ann Truchard are not only innovators and veterans of Napa Valley, they are some of the nicest in the business even in the throes of a hectic harvest. I happen to believe those traits somehow ultimately express themselves in the grapes and wine.


Bottling Date: August 16, 2010.


Fermentation: 12 days, up to 82º.


17 months in 100% French Oak, 50% new.


A seductive dark ruby color draws you.