Other than being approximately a month earlier than usual, our 2015 harvest was smooth and successful, yielding exceptional quality grapes. To allow us ample opportunities for blending, we harvested 16 different grape varieties over the course of 12 weeks. During this period, Mother Nature provided heat to speed up ripening when we needed it, and equally well-timed cooler temperatures when the vines needed a respite. The extended harvest allowed us to pick all varieties at optimal ripeness. As a result, our white grapes show lovely aromatics and varietal character, and our reds show beautiful depth and concentration.


The aromas leap from the glass, offering enticing layers of ripe berries, orange blossom and pink grapefruit. On the palate, bright, refreshing acidity accentuates the lovely wild strawberry and citrus flavors, while also carrying the wine through to a supple, vibrant finish.