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A brief history

SCOTT PALAZZO is a man who follows his passions ~ and in the process, invites everyone he meets
to come along for the ride!

Creative, energetic, & fervent in his convictions, Scott came to the wine world with a vision formed by both his Italian heritage and his artistic sensibility. Raised in an Italian household, Scott grew up with wine as a backdrop for life’s everyday events, meals, and celebrations.

An artist at heart ... and a rolling stone by nature ... his path to becoming one of the top winemakers in Napa Valley took many twists and turns. At age 19, a 3-month trip abroad to Europes evolved into a much longer extended stay, and landed Scott in France. With his guitar on his back, Scott wandered into the small winemaking village of Saint Émilion (on the Right Bank of Bordeaux’s Gironde river) and quickly fell in love with the people, the land, and most of all, the wines. This experience shaped his palate and served as inspiration for the establishment of Palazzo Wine 20+ years later.

In 2003, after establishing a successful career as a Grammy Nominated Music Video & Television Director / Producer, Scott began exploring California’s wine regions with a new creative undertaking in mind ... producing a beautifully refined, terroir-driven wine like those he had discovered and enjoyed while living in Saint Émilion, France.

His search led him to the Carneros Appellation in Napa Valley, where the similarities between the rolling hills of this South-of-Napa Appellation and those of Saint Émilion convinced him that this was the right location to create his wine. The cool, maritime climate and shallow clay soils of Carneros were ideal for achieving his goal to produce a wine with wonderful layers of rich fruit, balanced by elegant acidity ... like those he’d grown to love while living & working in Bordeaux.

Sourcing fruit from some of the most celebrated hillside vineyards in Carneros, Palazzo has realized his dream of producing world-class wines, by combining new world fruit with an old-world sensibility in the cellar. Scott Palazzo’s wines have been accepted and embraced by some of the wine world’s most respected and influential restaurants, sommeliers, and critics from all over the United States.

The French Laundry, Gary Danko, Michael Mina, Per Se, Daniel, Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Spago,
Bouchon, Redd, Press, Mastro’s Steakhouse, Emeril’s, Valintino’s … are just a few of the country’s prestigious
restaurants who have offered Palazzo Wine on their wine lists!

Scott makes wines that are beautiful & complex ... with wonderful layers of rich fruit and texture on the palate!
Delicious food wines with both ‘power & elegance’... from the Carneros District in Napa Valley. Saint Émilion
and Pomerol … meet Carneros / Napa Valley Hillside Fruit!

WINEMAKING TO ME is my way of getting to express my creative/artistic side. I don't paint ... I can't sing very well. But I have found through winemaking that I am able to create something artistically beautiful and memorable ... similar to a painting or song. Through my wines, I’m able to capture people's attention and feelings ... and impact them emotionally in a positive way. Much like a great song or painting can move and impact people ... with lingering thoughts and emotions.

My canvas is the vineyards ... my paints and instruments are the grapes and varietals I use. My arrangements and colors are ripeness ... sugars ... acid ... tannins and barrels! And I compose and draw that which is in my mind and heart to hopefully move people ... and speak to them about beauty and elegance ... and about life! And somehow help them to enjoy their lives and friends... and times with family just a little more. Through a glass of poetry, art ... and song!

I know it sounds a little ‘lofty’ ~ after all it's just a glass of wine! (-: But I have found wine can move me just as strongly and passionately as a great painting or song can. And I remember a great glass of wine ... like I remember a great painting or song. It continues to impact and move me even after it’s gone/over.

But I'm a romantic! And a little wacky / crazy. I enjoy flowers and smelling roses ... watching sunsets ... taking
long walks on the beach listening to ocean waves crashing ... and wind blowing across fields of tall grass and

All the various expressions of ‘art & beauty’ are inexplicably connected. And help move people to emotion
and passion ... and feelings! So, they can connect with themselves and hopefully ‘feel life’ more!
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United States, California