The 2000 Jayson Chardonnay exhibits complex aromas of creamy oak, vanilla, and spice.


The mouth feel is rich and viscous while balanced by a backbone of acidity that finishes long and lingering.

Growing Conditions

The Jayson Chardonnay is a “declassification” of the “Industrial Strength” Pahlmeyer Chardonnay. After a meticulous selection process in assembling the final blend of our 2000 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay, the remaining lots of wine were of a caliber that deserved the “Jayson” label. The 2000 Jayson Chardonnay was hand crafted with the same care and attention that is given to all of our wines - full malolactic fermentation in 100% new oak and was bottled without filtration. This wine is intended to be drunk young, it irepresents an excellent value at a portion of the price of the Pahlmeyer Chardonnay.