Growing Conditions

The estate vineyards of Opus One, comprised of 4 parcels, sit in the western portion of the famed Oakville AVA. Two parcels, totaling 100 acres, are within the renowned To Kalon Vineyard. These are complemented by the combined 70 acres of the Ballestra and River parcels, which envelop the winery. In the vineyards, hand-harvesting and other traditional approaches are taken wherever they work best. When modern techniques benefit the winegrowing process, they are researched, evaluated and integrated into practice. Light winter rains followed by warm temperatures in May allowed Opus One’s vines to flower at an even pace, producing small, concentrated berries. Lower temperatures in July slowed the development of flavor and aroma compounds; steady sunshine throughout the summer encouraged sugar accumulation and deepened berry color. To deliver the grapes at optimum ripeness and ideal Brix levels, vineyard crews harvested numerous blocks at two thirty in the morning. The time from bloom to harvest was quite long at 133 days for Cabernet Sauvignon.


As a result, the harvest was excellent and unhurried, beginning September 1st and concluding on October 19th.