The brilliant pinkish-red ruby 2012 Flirtation provides an aromatically transcendent journey through a wildflower meadow in spring, combined with the hedonistically divine pleasure of eating fresh, ripe, wild-crafted raspberries. The profusion of aromas and flavors are complimented on the pallet with a deftly balanced texture and the lasting memory of the experience.

Growing Conditions

"Classic" and "perfect" are just two accolades being bestowed upon the 2012 Napa Valley growing season and harvest. Textbook conditions saw near-ideal spring bud break, steady flowering, even fruit set, and a lengthy stretch of warm days and cool and often foggy nights during the long summer months. Late and light rains held off until Napa Valley's treasured wine grapes found optimal ripeness, bringing exceptional quality to the crush pad and into the cellar.