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A brief history

Forty years ago, Richard Thornton Boswell had the foresight to create a Napa Valley winery with the goal of excellence in small lot French Style wine production with wines sold directly to the client. The Wall Street Journal remarked upon his unique concept of a "Boutique" winery at a time when the other 71 wineries in the Napa Valley sold mostly through distribution. Chateau Boswell remains among a handful of privately owned family wineries amidst the 554 wineries in the Napa Valley today.

RT’s vision was to focus solely on the noble Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon varietal in his hand hewn stone winery nestled along the Silverado Trail in Saint Helena. Today our family, under the direction of Susan Boswell, continues those valiant efforts, though we have vastly diversified our portfolio to include wines from many of California’s most treasured vineyards. Our pursuit remains true, to craft, quite simply, the greatest expression of terroir.

Famed winemaker André Tchelistcheff graced our winery with his immense knowledge and directed our first efforts. It is with a great sense of history and continued quest for excellence that we continue on this path under the tutelage of consulting winemakers Philippe Melka and Keith Hock who both work closely with Allison Nunnikhoven, Associate Winemaker for Chateau Boswell.
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3468 Silverado Trail North
United States, California